Compassionate Care Partnership: CareYaya Bridges the Gap Between Students and Seniors


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Bridging Generations: CareYaya’s Mission Unveiled

In the heart of Tempe/Phoenix, an innovative approach to in-home elder care is taking root. CareYaya, a dedicated organization, is weaving connections between ASU pre-health students and seniors. Let’s delve into how this compassionate initiative is transforming caregiving dynamics.

Comprehensive Senior Support: Beyond the Basics

CareYaya recognizes the intricate needs of seniors extend far beyond mere physical assistance. With a commitment to fostering genuine connections, the organization tailors its services to address emotional support, daily tasks, and the overall well-being of each unique senior.

Flexibility Redefined: Affordable and Adaptable Care

Embracing the dynamic nature of caregiving, CareYaya offers flexibility at its core. Priced at $15 per hour, the service ensures affordability without compromising quality. This flexibility enables seniors to receive support when needed, creating a harmonious and adaptable caregiving experience.

Empowering Future Healthcare Professionals: A Learning Journey

CareYaya serves as a gateway for ASU pre-health students to gain real-world experience in healthcare. Engaging with seniors, students develop interpersonal and caregiving skills, guided by seasoned professionals, enriching their journey towards becoming healthcare leaders.

The CareYaya Process: Connecting Seniors and Students

  1. Registration: Seniors and students register on the CareYaya platform.
  2. Matching Process: CareYaya meticulously matches seniors with students based on compatibility and shared interests.
  3. Scheduling: A flexible scheduling system allows coordination for caregiving sessions that suit preferences.
  4. Continuous Support: CareYaya ensures ongoing support for both seniors and students, fostering a nurturing environment for meaningful connections to blossom.

Making a Difference, One Connection at a Time

CareYaya stands as a testament to the positive impact that inter-generational connections can have on the well-being of seniors and the growth of future healthcare professionals. By bridging the gap between ASU pre-health students and seniors in the Tempe/Phoenix area, CareYaya is weaving a tapestry of care, compassion, and community.

Get Involved with CareYaya

For more information or to get involved, visit CareYaya’s Website or contact them at [email protected].

Note: The above information is based on the communication from CareYaya, and details may be subject to change. It is recommended to visit their official website or contact them directly for the most accurate and up-to-date information.

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