Introducing Next Best Home: A Game-Changing Partnership Empowering Senior Care Home Owners

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Next Best Home, a revolutionary online platform, is proud to announce its groundbreaking partnership with Assisted Living Websites, a leading name in web design and digital solutions for the senior care industry. This strategic collaboration is set to redefine how Assisted Living communities and residential care homes showcase their facilities and connect with families seeking quality care options.

Next Best Home, founded by Jessica Solomon, has emerged as a trailblazing platform dedicated to empowering senior care homes. Designed with a vision to transform the process of discovering senior care options, Next Best Home allows an assisted Living community to list their facilities for FREE without the need for referral agencies. This innovative approach eliminates barriers and empowers communities  to directly reach families searching for compassionate care environments.

Assisted Living Websites, recognized for its expertise in web design, hosting, and digital marketing services tailored to the senior care sector, brings a wealth of experience to the partnership. By joining forces with Next Best Home, Assisted Living Websites aims to enhance the online presence of senior care homes, ensuring they receive exposure and create awareness regarding available options in a community.

“At Next Best Home, our mission is to simplify the search for senior living options. Our partnership with Assisted Living Websites is a natural progression in this pursuit. Together, we offer a comprehensive solution that not only enables more visibility to care homes and communities but also ensures families can access accurate information to make informed decisions,” said Jessica Solomon, Founder of Next Best Home.

This strategic partnership offers senior care home owners a comprehensive package – from listing their homes on Next Best Home’s user-friendly platform to leveraging Assisted Living Websites’ web design, hosting, and digital marketing solutions. The collaboration aims to bridge the gap between care providers and families seeking exceptional care options, ultimately creating a more streamlined and efficient process.

“We are excited to align with Next Best Home in our shared commitment to supporting senior care homes and communities. Our expertise in digital solutions perfectly complements their vision, allowing us to offer tailored websites, hosting, and digital marketing services that amplify the reach of senior care homes. Together, we empower both care providers and families, simplifying their journey towards connected, compassionate care,” said Brendan O’Connell of Assisted Living Websites.

With this partnership, Next Best Home and Assisted Living Websites are poised to reshape the senior care landscape. This venture reflects a dedication to innovation, accessibility, and compassion, ensuring that senior care homes and RCFEs can thrive in a digital age.

For inquiries and more information, please visit Next Best Home and Assisted Living Websites.

About Next Best Home

Next Best Home is a transformative online platform that empowers senior care care homes and communities to list their facilities without the need for referral agencies. Founded by Jessica Solomon, Next Best Home aims to simplify the process of finding quality senior care options, fostering direct connections between care providers and families.

About Assisted Living Websites

Assisted Living Websites is a leading digital solutions provider catering to the senior care industry. With expertise in web design, hosting, and digital marketing, the company specializes in elevating the online presence of senior care homes and RCFEs, ensuring they effectively reach families seeking compassionate care options.

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